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2002 National Benjamin Franklin

"Craig O. Thompson's OMAR forecasts tomorrow's headlines.
The proliferation of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons,
materials, and know-how is the number one national security
threat to the United States. This well-researched fiction is a timely
window into potential disasters for unprepared nations."
U.S. Senator, Richard G. Lugar, Member, Select Intelligence Committee
and Foreign Relations Committee

"Deep ocean adventure in the tradition of Clive Cussler."
Charles Pellegrino, New York Times Bestselling Author
of Her Name, Titanic and the Thriller Dust

 "Craig Thompson's Omar is a suspenseful and thrilling novel of escalating global terrorism....Omar is a shocking, action-packed, highly recommended page-turner filled with suspense and plot twists to the end."
Midwest Book Review


Thank you for requesting information on the 3-Steps to Family and Neighborhood
Emergency Preparedness
program, Project: Vote-Smart, FEMA, International
Association of Counterterrorism and Security Professionals
...and over 40 other
important national preparedness links--including some timely inspirational sites.

A year and a half following the Attack on America, we have still been
inundated with thousands of requests for this information.

Understand that, due to the number of requests received, we cannot individually
respond to specific questions
. However, many of the sites below will lead you to other
links that may answer specific questions and keep you informed of current activities,
news updates, and sources for information relating to terrorism and disaster preparedness.

Some of you have asked for information regarding how to purchase the "highly recommended"
OMAR: A Novel, by Craig O. Thompson. You will find that information
at the end of this letter.



Our hope is that you will choose to turn any negativity you may feel inside, as a
result of the acts of terrorism, September 11th, into positive motivation that will spur you to
follow-through with proper preparedness...not only for your nation, but also for your local
communities and loved-ones. You may not agree with our position, but if we don't get
involved with positive solutions
to this world-wide challenge, now...then shame on us!

Terrorism expert and author, Craig O. Thompson, says,

Rather than caving in to negative emotions that degrade our self-esteem, let's face
the challenges and lift our dignity by getting involved. First, gain the appropriate
, then become advocates for preparedness in our communities,
and take action to protect our homeland and loved-ones."

We know there are contemptible individuals who have lost all ability to use reason and
common sense to settle differences. Because our world has changed, we must be vigilant,
aware, and cognizant of all our surroundings. Not only must we stand up, be strong, and
go on with our lives...we must also employ all reason and common sense
to mitigate and
prevent further attacks--without the crippling paranoia that comes from fear.

And we must choose to prevent any further anger directed upon large communities of good
people who are caught between cultures by virtue of their ethnicity. Vengeance on groups of
people, based on the actions of individuals, is not what America is about.

You will find several types of links, below--including disaster preparedness resources for
protecting family and/or business
UPDATE: You will also find helpful resources to
directly assist or contribute to recognized organizations, involved with New York
City and Washington, as they recover from the last year's tragedies.

"Please choose to take an active part to secure our nation and protect our loved-ones,"
says Thompson. And he goes on,

Get involved" in the management of our great country...and let our President, your
congressmen, and state Emergency Management officials know that you expect an
appropriate proportion of any newly allocated counterterrorism preparedness dollars
--to get past the "beltway bandits" and down into every community in this country--
for national preparedness. Congress and the president had said that the designated
amounts are "...just a down payment on what is to come." And what price is too much
to pay to protect our communities?"

Prior to 9/11, there was only $11.1 billion in the current fiscal year's budget to fight
terrorism AT HOME. We must continue to upgrade our public health infrastructure to
handle bio-terrorism threats and any increase in natural diseases; immunize our nation
against smallpox (and continue to produce the vaccine); provide appropriate training to
our first-responders (those fire-fighters, police, doctors, nurses, and public health system
personnel who could be our first heros or our first martyrs, at the next attack, if not
properly trained).

Please explain to politicians, at every level of our society, that these funds must go directly
into every community in America to order or upgrade diagnostic medical and protective
equipment, bio-suits, masks, patient isolation tents, decontamination equipment and tents,
training and train-the-trainer programs...for our public health system personnel, for our
medical practitioners, and for our first-responders who must face any disaster with eyes
wide open...aware of their surroundings and able to assess potential dangers, in advance.

Funds should not be allocated just for the big cities that have the lobbying power and
population to fight for the dollars. Every community should benefit...because biological
pathogens do not discriminate between city and county borders.

Help take the politics out of securing our borders. Participate in the process, now!

Check out Project: Vote-Smart, below, for ways to help you reach any one of over
40,000 politicians who are tracked, annually, by this non-partisan organization. Know
where your representatives stand...and how to get in touch with them

If you choose to request the very complete, 59 page, 8 1/2 X 11, 3 Steps to Family and
Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness
book that is available, please request the
"Neighbors Uniting Neighbors" version
--for use in communities throughout the
United States. As of this writing, there is a nominal $5.00 charge (which includes the
neighborhood planning booklet, postage and handling). However, much of the actual
program planning information and updates are available at the website without charge
Brightwater Publishing/StrataGem Press
is not the publisher or distributor of this
booklet. We do not receive any fees from the sale of 3 Steps.

Here is the link to the general "3-Steps" website

The 3 Steps plan is a simple way to organize a neighborhood so that neighbors help
each other to get prepared and be ready for any emergency. It is a way to build
community and bring people together for a common cause. You can click on the links
below or copy and paste them directly into your browser:

Here is the link to order the large "3-Steps" booklet
(now in its 22nd printing)

Specify "Neighbors Uniting Neighbors" when ordering this 60-page booklet
(though we endorse this program, as a public service, and as a possible solution to
help mitigate the effects of any type of disaster, BWP/SP™ and our affiliates do not
receive any portion of the proceeds for promoting it). (NOTE: their main
server has been down, so you must click on or copy and paste this long link
to access their information. LET US KNOW IF THIS LINK DOES NOT WORK)

Project: Vote-Smart
("The Last Trusted Non-partisan Source for Political Information")
One Common Ground, Philipsburg, MT 59858
Call the Voter's Research Hotline toll-free 1-888-VOTE-SMART (If you
call, please tell them that Brightwater Publishing referred you. We do
not receive remuneration for this or any other public service).

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)

Make Your Own Disaster Plan: (download PDF)
Assemble Your Own Disaster Supplies Kit:
FEMA's Online Library for Preparedness, Training and Exercises:
The FEMA Library...A Wealth of Information at Your Fingertips:
FEMA for Kids, Families and Teachers:
Disaster Preparedness for People With Disabilities:

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response:

Medscape Resource Center
(Open to the Public--But You Must Register to Use)
"The largest collection of professional medical information on the Web." Bio-Terrorism:
Preparing for the Future --"Regularly updated collection of Medscape's key clinical content:"

U.S. Department of State

Travel Warning Site:
For Emergencies Abroad:
Business Travelers:

The Nuclear Threat Initiative (Non-Partisan Organization)
"A Foundation Working to Reduce the Risk of Use and to Prevent the Spread of
Biological and Chemical Weapons"
1747 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, 7th Floor,
Washington, D.C., 20006
Tel: 202-296-4810 Fax: 202-296-4811

Business Executives for National Security (Non-Partisan Organization)

An organization of Fortune 500 and small business executives/owners--at every
level of society--dedicated to work in partnership with all private and government
decision-makers "to apply best business practices to our nation's security" in a
knowledgeable, respected, non-ideological and non-self-serving manner. They are
also partnered with the banking sector to "follow the money" of terrorist organizations,
and to help our country hold terrorist bank accounts hostage. Any business owner or
executive may participate as a member:
1717 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite 350
Washington, D.C. 20006-4603
Tel: 202-296-2125 Fax: 202-296-2490

American Red Cross

Front page for the most up-to-date information from the ARC:

Where to give blood, nationwide: (Also: 1-800-GIVE-LIFE) -- The 9/11 Tragedy Site for Firefighters
Complete information on rescue efforts at Ground Zero from "The Web's Most Popular &
Comprehensive Community and Resource for Firefighting:"

Firehouse (.com) Partners with IAFF in 'The New York Fire 9-11 Disaster Relief Fund':

How to Donate via Mail: Checks or money orders payable to the The New
York Firefighters 9-11 Disaster Relief Fund
can be sent to the following address:
The New York Firefighters 9-11 Disaster Relief Fund
9658 Baltimore Ave - Suite 350
College Park, MD 20740

How to Donate Online (Secure Sites):
Donate Online Now at IAFF's Yahoo! Donation Site or IAFF Web Site .
Wire Transfer for Large Donations:
If you are making a larger donation, please call at
(301) 486-7500 or
e-mail us for information on wire transfers
directly to the IAFF fund.

The Twin Towers Fund

To assist the families of the members of the uniformed services of the New York City
Fire Department and its Emergency Medical Services Command, the New York City
Police Department, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the New York
State Office of Court Administration and other government offices who lost their lives
or were injured because of the tragedies of September 11, 2001 at the World Trade
Center in New York City. If resources permit, the families of other persons who lost
their lives or were injured during the tragedies may also be included as beneficiaries:

If you prefer to make a donation by check or money order, please send it to:

Twin Towers Fund
General Post Office
PO Box 26999
New York, NY 10087-6999

Please include your name, address, employer and other contact information
with your tax-deductible contribution. To Make Donations by Phone,
Call: U.S.: 1-877-870-4278 or International: 518-457-0837

Association of Volunteer Emergency Response Teams (AVERT, in Utah)

...a part of the national CERT (Community Emergency Response Teams Program,
through FEMA) The site is an example of those "dedicated to the support of
Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) and their mission to do the
most good for the most people in times of disaster" throughout the U.S.:

International Association for Counterterrorism and Security Professionals

A professional association of experts and those interested in counterterroism
and security issues, founded in 1992, to meet security challenges facing the
world...and to provide education and information to the public:

Emergency Net News

24 Hour News, Information, Analysis and Coverage of Disasters and Major
Emergency Events. Crisis, Conflict, and Emergency Service news, Analysis,
and Reference Information:

Seattle Emergency Management

An excellent example of a neighborhood-oriented approach to emergency preparedness.
The program is based on the belief that a cooperative effort between a city and its citizens
is the only sure way to prepare for a major disaster (natural or man-made). The purpose
is to enable neighborhoods to be self-sufficient for a minimum of 72 hours following a
major disaster:

FEMA's CERT Program

How to Start a Community/Civilian Emergency Response Team to Practice
Better Preparedness for "Spontaneous Rescuers" Who Assist During Disasters.
Download CERT student training and instructor teaching manuals:

A listing by state of response and emergency management agencies that sponsor
disaster education and response training as a government service to people they serve:

CERT Los Angeles

Not an official part of the LAFD, but a great example of one of the respected CERT
Community/Civilian Emergency Response Training) programs in America.  "Our goal
is to provide information, a forum for discussion, and a point of contact between Community
Emergency Response Team members and teams everywhere:"

NIAID - National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

"NIAID is the primary institute at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for emerging
infectious disease research, including research on pathogens that can be used as agents
of bioterrorism." Also provides information on latest studies and gives access to an entire
library of medical journals. - National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

"Medem's Medical Library represents the full range of patient education information
from our partner medical societies and other trusted sources, and is unsurpassed in quality,
breadth, and depth of healthcare information." Like having your own set of medical
encyclopedia. Founded by leading medical societies.


Other Related Sites You May Wish to Check -- And Important Phone Numbers:

National Response Center: (800) 424-8802
(To Report Chemical/Biological Terrorism or to Report Hazardous Spills and Releases)

Poison Information: (800) 222-1222

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF): (202) 927-7777

Center for Disease Control (CDC): (404) 639-3311

FBI: (202) 324-3000; or

U.S. Department of Justice: (866) 483-5137 (To Report Crime)

Federal Aviation Administration: (800) 255-1111 (24 Hour Safety Hotline)

Federal Trade Commission Webwarning Page
(To learn about marketers of bogus bioterrorism defense products such as oregano oil
or zinc mineral water to treat illnesses like anthrax...or other false claims for
diseases such as smallpox, etc.)

To file a complaint against a suspected marketer of bogus bioterrorism health products call the
Federal Trade Commission at 1-877-FTC HELP (1-877-382-4357), or use the complaint form at

Missing Children: (800) 831-8953

Inspirational Sites:
Provided at a time when we all need to stop and take a slow, deep
breath...and relax.
Notice: Some of these sites are or may have links to commercial pages.

Life Support System (Inspirational Stories, Quotes, Messages):
Download a free E-book with contains 12 inspirational messages. Use Acrobat
Reader™ to read offline:

Subscribe to Daily Inspirational Messages: To-the-point, high quality, often humorous
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Get some of the best and most inspirational quotes going around today:

Inspirational quotes and words of wisdom:

The following sites are commercial pages for Adams Fire Protection:

Please be advised that we are not recommending this or any other supplier of bio or chemical masks. When one considers options, you would have to wear a mask 24 hours a day to protect oneself from an attack, since a bio attack is colorless, odorless, and does not explode. So, except for an overt bio attack, there would be no way of knowing if one was exposed to a bio toxin or virus until after the incubation period. And one would have to change out the filters every 8 to 12 hours (at an average cost of around $25 to $35 each, depending on type). Regarding chemical masks, similar problems occur when one considers how many chemicals there are, and the fact that one would have to have the mask and the appropriate filters available at all times in anticipation of an attack. The fear and paranoia of that could possibly be worse. But we leave that to individual decisions.

Supplier of Full-face and Partial Bio-Hazard Masks. We are not an affiliate of, nor do we endorse any commercial link/site or the products they represent. Be certain to do your homework and ask all the questions necessary to determine the feasibility for personal use of these products. Compare prices and specific level of protection between various suppliers (particularly for bio-hazards). No guarantees or representations regarding this or any other company are made by BWP/SP™ or its affiliates:

The following site is a commercial page for Brookdale
(A DuPont™ Canada Company):
Brookdale manufactures and markets EVAC-U8 "The World's Most Advanced Smoke Hood...Recommended by fire safety experts worldwide and used by Canadian and American federal government agencies, hotels, air crews and major corporations worldwide...with a "translucent Kapton® hood (that) resists 800 degrees F temperatures..." This is "a multi-stage, air-purifying, chemical catalytic filter" that "removes carbon monoxide and other toxic gases present in fires." Research, do your homework, compare. (NOTE: THIS IS NOT DESIGNED TO SERVE AS A BIO-HAZARD MASK)


The following site is a commercial page for Anbex, Inc. (manufacturer/distributor of FDA-approved Potassium Iodide-KI--sold to the general public): Anbex, Inc. claims to be the "world's largest manufacturer of Potassium Iodide" and that "IOSAT™ is the first radiation protective tablet available to the general public." In part, the Anbex web site states, "Experts agree that its prompt use would be the most effective measure available to protect millions of people who would be at risk in a nuclear accident or under a radiation threat from a terrorist nuclear weapon.  These FDA approved tablets contain potassium iodide (KI) which provides virtually complete protection from radioactive iodine [ RAI ], the contaminant that causes thyroid cancer." The web site also states, "The product is essentially ineffective against other radioactive products. However, since radioactive iodine would probably be the cause of 90% to 95% of all "off-site" injuries in a power-plant accident, the protection provided by IOSAT™ is extremely valuable. (At Chernobyl, for example, thyroid cancer, which is now epidemic in some areas as a result of the accident, was the only health effect seen in areas more than a few miles from the plant.)."

Quote from article, U.S. Lacks Stockpile of Special Drug: Anti-Radiation Doses Goal Unmet Since '79 By Justin Gillis, Washington Post Staff Writer Monday, December 31, 2001; Page A01 "...Potassium iodide is often billed on the Internet as a panacea for a nuclear emergency. It is nothing of the sort, offering no protection for most types of radiation exposure. But there is strong scientific evidence that it can protect the thyroid gland, the most radiation-sensitive part of the body, from absorbing trace amounts of radioactive iodine, particularly in young children
BUYER PLEASE BEWARE! Printing or listing of this information does not constitute endorsement of products, manufacturer, or the use of any related item thereof by BWE or BWP/SP™. We do not endorse or benefit from this or other companies, their products, or services listed here. Use common-sense and stay within your personal budget, if purchasing products from any source: Research, do your homework, compare. (NOTE: THIS INFORMATION IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR FOLLOWING OFFICIAL EMERGENCY ORDERS OR EVACUATING AN AREA CONSIDERED DANGEROUS DUE TO A NUCLEAR ACCIDENT OR TERRORIST ATTACK.) (Full instructions to obtain verification of FDA status from FDA) (Full Washington Post Article posted by Anbex) (Full New York Times Article posted by Anbex)


FDA Authenticity Verification Site for Anbex, producer of IOSAT™:
or go to


Various Commercial Survival Companies:
Featuring Dehydrated and Freeze-Dried Food, 72-Hour (or more) Kits, New and Used Supplies/Surplus, and Other Information (Compare Products and Prices Online and Elsewhere). These links are provided only for your convenience. You can also do a search on most any Search Engine under the categories "emergency, disaster, survival, kits, food, supplies" and bring up literally hundreds of other options. BUYER PLEASE BEWARE! We do not endorse or benefit from the companies, their products, or services. Use common-sense and stay within your personal budget, if purchasing survival products from any source:

Finally, if you are a fan of suspense-thrillers or the historical fiction genre
(or know someone who is), we would appreciate your picking up personal
and/or gift copies of
OMAR: A Novel by anti-terrorism expert and
counter-terrorism consultant, Craig O. Thompson.

WINNER of the 2002 International Benjamin Franklin

Check out our website for OMAR: A Novel to learn more about the book that has
been called "More faction than fiction..." If you prefer to order through your favorite
brick 'n mortar bookstore, and it isn't on the shelves yet, give them the ISBN numbers
(Hardbound Version #09675207-03 or Softbound Version #09675207-11) and ask them
to order OMAR through Baker & Taylor wholesalers, Anderson-Austin News wholesalers
...or BookMasters, Inc. (see below).

Soon the new electronic version of OMAR: A Novel will be available for download in pdf format
--also suitable for reading with the new Adobe™ e-Book Reader™ on most operating systems.
If you wish to receive information on how to download the electronic version, contact us at Write "Send Electronic Format Information" in the Subject area.

The purchase of Mr. Thompson's book will allow him to research and keep up-to-date with all
world-wide developments in the area of terrorism and related subjects. Check out Brightwater
Publishing's website at:

Or Call: 1-800-BOOKLOG (Available 24/7) and request copies autographed by author,
Craig O. Thompson.
You can check out test-market reader reviews and other critical
remarks about OMAR: A Novel by going to:

For Businesses, Chambers of Commerce, Conferences, Trade Shows--keynote speeches
and/or How to Create Business Disaster Contingency and Recovery Plan workshops, go to:

Please let us know if you implement the the CERT program or the "3-Steps" program in your
community or find any of this information valuable. Also, please keep us informed if any of
these links change or do not work

Our apologies, in advance, if we cannot respond personally to every request. As you can
understand our company has received thousands of requests for information as a result
of Mr. Thompson's expertise, his interest in counter-terrorism, and in the security of our nation.



StrataGem Press


Call 1-800-BOOKLOG to order personal and gift copies of Craig O. Thompson's historical
suspense-thriller about terrorism,
OMAR: A Novel (24/7). Be sure to request autographed
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You may order OMAR: A Novel through any quality bookstore
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Note: Currently is carrying an out-of-print test-market version that is
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(note that a limited supply of autographed copies may still be available
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To order OMAR: A Novel call BookMasters, Inc. TOLL-FREE: 1-800-247-6553

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"...a story of this magnitude is mind boggling...I can't wait to see it on the big screen!"

Captain Jim L. Willsey, Deep-sea Treasure Hunter
La Nuestra Senora de Atocha Treasure

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